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‘Light Sensitive, Ceramics and Painting at Blue House Gallery Schull


Coming up at Blue House Gallery Schull are two exhibitions: ‘Light Sensitive, which, as the name suggests, showcases the work of artists and photographers working with the medium of light, and a joint show of ceramics and paintings by friends and collaborators Etain Hickey and Éadaoin Harding Kemp. The exhibitions run together from 8 - 27 June, with the opening from 6 - 8pm on Friday 8 June.


‘Light Sensitive is curated by photographer Geoff Greenham and introduces an extraordinary variety of ways in which photographers and artists have used the capture of light to create an image. With technology that ranges from the 1850’s Wet Plate Collodion and Cyanotype processes, to the 21st century smart phone sensor, the resulting images evoke the re-creation of a dream, a nostalgic memory, a split second instant or a fantasy world, each contributor using their different light gathering tool in order to express a particular vision. 


Photographers taking part include the multi-award winning Rohan Reilly with his long exposure prints, Mike Brown who specialises in early photographic processes, Anne Scallan who works with cyanotypes, (first used in the 1840s and the origin of the term blue print) and Nicholas Cooper, who uses iphone software to manipulate the image in camera.


Artist Alison Trim and photographer Emma Jervis have collaborated to create cutouts that fall from within the image to the frame below, and Janet Murran and Helen O’Keeffe combine the photographic image with painting. Catherine Weld photographs drawings projected on the model, Michael O'Sullivan’s work suggests the fantasy world of a fairy tale, and Geoff Greenham and Tomasz Madajczak explore in different ways the emergence of ideas within an empty space. The images of Timothy Cassidy contain a beautiful ambiguity, grappling with the idea of place and the relationship between space and the passage of time.


Finally, a triptych installation entitled 'This Is Life' by Danny Hampson, commemorates Colin Vearncombe, his friend and musician associate since the early 1980's. The piece covers three distinct periods in Colin's life and work, with snippets of lyrics displayed beneath each piece, overlaid on a background of Colin's own line-drawn self-portrait. The opening night will also feature a poetry reading and songs by Camilla Griehsel.



Upstairs in the gallery, Etain Hickey is showing a new body of work based on the centenary of womens right to vote, featuring inspiring Irish women on a series of ceramic wall dishes and panels. Etain says So many women seem to be written out of so much history, both politically and in the arts, so this is just the start of a new series of work that brings forth some of my discoveries. There will be very many more.”


Éadaoin Harding Kemps work for this exhibition draws on her home, West Cork, with its wild beauty, lushness and the ever present sea. As a painter she is attracted by the complexity of the natural world in all its colours, patterns and shapes; the combining of Éadaoin’s work and that of Etain in this show results in a rich visual tapestry woven in both glazes and paint.


Blue House Gallery is open Tuesday - Sunday, 11am to 5pm and is situated in the Main Street in Schull.