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The Summer Group Show 4th - 23rd June

Aoife Layton Mezzotints 25th June - 14th July

Clay Maketh Man 25th June - 14th July

The Landscape Within - Helen O'Keeffe 16th July - 4th August

Borders Photography 16th - July 4th August

A Liminal State - Stephen Lawlor - 6th - 18th August

Amadeus Revisited - Todd Billeci 6th - 12th August

August Group Show 6th - 18th August

Kym Leahy 20th August - 1st September

Nadette Charlet 20th August - 1st September

Interiors Christine Thery 20th August - 1st September

Alison Ospina Greenwood Chairs 20th August - 1st September

Indelible - Johanna Connor - 3rd - 15th September

Moving On - David Seeger 3rd - 15t September

New Works - Diarmuid Breen 3rd- - 15th September

60th Anniversary of Graphic Studio Dublin 17th - 29th September

30th Anniversary Backwater Artists Studio 17th - 29th September

The Christmas Show




The Opening Show 4th - 22nd July

The Second Show 24th July - 12th August

Etain Hickey Ceramics 24th July - 12th August

The Fourth Show 28th August - 9th September

Shane O'Driscoll 28th August - 9th September

The Third Show 14th - 26th August

Kym Leahy 14th - 26th August

The Fifth Show - 12th - 23rd Seotember

Sarah Long 12th - 23rd September

Fiona Walsh 25th September- 7th October

The Sixth Show 25th September- 7th October

The Christmas Show


Artist of the week - Catherine Weld

Artist of the week - Sheena Jolley

Artist of the week - Etain Hickey

Artist of the week - Kym Leahy

Artist of the week - Geoff Greenham

Artist of the week - Jim Turner

Artist of the week - Joakim Saflund

Artist of the week - Johanna Connor




Freedom Group Show 19th April - 15th May

David Begley - Monotypes 19th April - 15th May

Alternative Views 17th - 29th May

Cecelia Thole drawings & paintings

Jane Jermyn ceramics

Creative Spaces 31st May - 12th June

Paul Forde Cialis

Coilin Murray 14th - 26th June

Out of this Earth - Ceramic Group Show

Catherine Weld

The Sherkin Show 28th June - 10th July

Frieda Meaney

The Allihies Show 12th - 24th July

Four Painters - Tom Climont, Damaris Lysaght, Christine Thery, Angela Fewer

Terry Searle (1936 -2019) - Colours

Wild Threads West Cork 26th July - 7th August

Janet Murram & Donagh Carey

Susan Early

BLAU HAUS / BAUHAUS 9th - 28th August

The Drawn Line

Alison Ospina

DYSTOPIA 30th August - 17th September

BHG Newcomers to the Gallery

Nigel Huleatt-James



Emerging Artists 30th March - 18th April

Collage Show 20th April - 2nd May

Lysaght, Shanahan & Wolstenholme 29th June - 18th July

Breen, Murran and Murray 20th July - 1st August

Thery, Weld and Jermyn 3rd - 15th August

The Alice Schwab Collection 17th - 31st August

Master of Modern Printmaking



Alison Ospina - Green Wood Stools 14th April - 10th May

The Interiors Show 14th April - 10th May

Birgitta Saflund - Birds -12th -24th May

Tom Weld - 12th - 24th May

The Islands Show 24th May - 14th June

Ulrike Crespo 'Rainflowers' + Katheleen Standen Ceramics 16th June - 5th July

Julia Zagar, Christina Jasmin Roser, Sukey Sindall, Jo Howard - Wild Threads

Diarmuid Breen + Don Cronin 7th - 26th July

Lars-Eric Bueb + Moss Gaynor 7th - 26th July

Catherine Weld, Wendy Dison 28th July - 16th August

Donagh Carey, Barry Linnane 28th July - 16th August

Christine Thery 18th August - 6th September

Angela Fewer + Holger Lonze 18th August - 6th September



The History Show 25th March - 21st April

Paul Forde Cialis - Sacred & Profane 22nd April - 5th May

Fenn, Jolley, Wolstenholme & Brady - Flights of Fancy 22nd April - 5th May

James, May, Turner, Hickey, Lalor & Standen - West Cork Ceramics 6th - 19th May

Martin, Thery, Saflund, Hickey - Still Life 6th - 19th May

Lesley Cox, Julie Kelleher - 20th May - 2nd June

Walsh, Lysaght, Carey & Leahy - Landscape - 20th May - 2nd June

Hendy & Lonze - 3rd - 16th June

Lynda Miller- Baker - ICONS - 3rd - 16th June

Christine Thery 17th - 29th June

Thurloe Conolly Retrospective 17th - 19th June

Site Pacific 1st - 13th July

Brian Lalor & Jim Turner - The Fertile Crescent 15th - 27th July

Little Stories, Little Prints 15th - 27th July

Grainne Cuffe & Angela Fewer 29th July - 10th August

Catherine Weld, Helen O'Keeffe and James MacCarthy 29th July - 10th August

The Design Show - Ospina, Higgins & Cashman 12th - 24th August

Diarmuid Breen & Geoff Greenham 12th - 24th August

Four Printmakers 26th August - 7th September

Carin MacCana 26th August - 7th September

Ulrike Crespo 26th August - 7th Septemeber

The Rock Art Show 9th - 30 September


2015 Exhibitions

Opening Group Show 3rd - 15th April

Diarmuid Breen Solo Show 17th - 29th April

Shanahan, Dixey & Melvin 17th - 29th April

Dison, Scala and Keenan 1st - 13th May

Fenn, Selka and James 1st - 13th May

A Natural Selection 15th - 27th May

Janet Murran 29th May - 10th June

Jim Turner 29th May - 10th June

Christine Thery Solo Exhibition 29th May - 10th June

Hamilton & Searle 12th - 24th June

Lysaght, Lalor & Payne 12th - 24th June

Ann Martin & James Mac Carthy 26th June - 8th July

Saflund, Leahy & Lalor 26th June - 8th July

Carey, Hendy & Lonze 10th - 22nd July

Irish Design 2015 10th - 22nd July

BHG Maritime Group Show 24th July - 5th August

Maritime Photography 24th July - 5th August

Grainne Cuffe & Etain Hickey 7th - 19th August

Wolstenholme, Journeaux & Walsh 7th - 19th August

Yoko Akino & Fergus O'Farrell 21st August - 2nd September

Helen O'Keeffe, Diana Kingston & Patricia Carr 21/08 - 02/09

Debi O'Hehir 4th - 16th September

Group Show 4th -16 th September

Nona Pettersen a Retrospective 17th - 30th September

New Artists 17th - 30th September



2014 Exhibitions

Opening Group Show 18th April - 1st May

Lonze, Leahy & Melvin 9th - 22nd May

Cormac Boydell 23rd May - 5th June

Searle, Keenan & Carey 6th - 19th June

Terrance Keenan 13th - 19th June

Helen O'Keeffe & Keith Payne 20th June - 3rd July

Crespo, Jolley & Mahon 4th - 17th July

Taylor Gallery Dublin 18th - 31st July

Fenn, Hickey & Journeaux 1st - 14th August

Doherty, Lalor & Turner 15th - 28th August

Lysaght, Saflund & Zagar 29th August - 11th September

New Artists to the Gallery 12 - 25th September

Skullduggery - A special Halloween Show


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